About Forward

Forward Heating Technologies Co., Ltd

Forward Heating Technologies Co., Ltd is dedicated and highly specialized in manufacturing condensing aluminum heat exchangers for central heating boilers with over 20 years successful experience.

We make our full commitment to deliver best quality products with no compromise to the high quality standard of CE marked products for the European market. We have won our well-known reputation in casting aluminum heat exchangers of condensing boilers for both domestic and commercial condensing central heating boilers after working together with our European customers for many years. Our current heat exchanger products arrange from 20KW to 150KW in heat output.

Our casting production line can provide an annual capacity of over 600,000 pieces of various casting aluminum heat exchangers. Our CNC machining-centers are able to fulfill highly sophisticated requirements for machining processes. Our unique

expertise in Resin Coated Casting Sand production has given us all the benefits to produce the best quality casting products in most cost-effective way, which eventually benefits our customers.

Our strong R&D team can help our customers to realize cutting-edge technology of heat exchangers from design to reality and our swift responding ability to our customers' requirements can assist our customers to win the market quickly and to lead the development of new technology of the central heating boiler industry.

We also set up our branch in the UK in order to provide our customers the most efficient and swift communication, clear technical understanding and guaranteed customer service and logistics service.

With our constantly innovative improvement in manufacturing processes, continuously adopting advanced equipment and technologies and persistently carving details for best quality and service, we guarantee to provide our customers most-cost-effectively and best-in-class quality products.

Forward Heating, Heating the Future !